Welcome to Das Kaffeehaus and Coffee Basics
small batch micro roastery

The Mill, 9 Walker Street, Castlemaine
open 7 days, 8am – 4pm
Public holidays 9am – 4pm
— no bookings —
ph: (03) 5470 6270


First wave of the third wave!
Small batch roasting in Central Victoria since the turn of the century

Edmund Schaerf and Elna Schaerf-Trauner bring over sixty years of family tradition and skill to the art of roasting and blending specialty coffee. The Schaerf family has been a leading name in the European coffee industry for decades. Coffee Basics brings this dedication and experience to their coffee oasis, Das Kaffeehaus, where Central Victorian industrial meets true central European glamour. You can see and smell the intoxicating smoke from the roasters rising from the iconic brick chimney of the repurposed Woollen Mill in Central Victoria’s eclectic Castlemaine.

It’s as good as it gets!

fully caffeinated

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If a coffee bean could dream, it would wish to find its destiny with Coffee Basics, after all, each bean has only one chance to seduce your senses with an alluring aroma and to delight your palate with its rich complex flavours.

das kaffeehaus

the heart of vienna

in the heart of Victoria

Das Kaffeehaus is a Viennese coffee house, the face of Coffee Basics, serving traditional Austrian food, with traditional Viennese flair!

Let our baristas entice you with our freshly roasted coffee, sip on the local and Austrian beers and wines, feast on good, old-fashioned, “like Oma used to cook”, hearty meals and stay for the extensive range of cakes and pastries including of course, the magnificent apfelstrudel – all made in haus daily!

Sample Menu

breakfast + brunch

: Small Breakfast : Kleines Frühstück :
two rolls or toast, butter, condiment of your choice,
a soft-boiled egg and a small coffee.

: Big Breakfast : Grosses Frühstück :
two rolls or toast, butter, condiment of your choice,
cold cuts and cheese, a soft boiled egg and a small coffee

: Eggs :
two soft-boiled eggs with buttered soldiers

egg and bacon bagel

: Wiener Eierspeis’ :
soft set scrambled eggs wth toast or bread with bacon

: Fiaker Gulasch :
small serve of hungarian goulash with a viennese frankfurter, fried egg, pickled gherkin and a roll

: Rauchlachs Mit Ei :
smoked salmon on sprout bread with spinach, capers,
cucumber-dill sour cream and a soft boiled egg

gluten free bread available

würstel : sausages


: Wiener Würstel :
traditional mild smoked pork sausage with a hint of white pepper viennese frankfurters, with bread and mustard with bread, mustard, red cabbage and sauerkraut

: Debreziner :
double smoked mildly spicy with a hint of paprika and chilli with bread and mustard with bread, mustard, red cabbage and sauerkraut


: Cheese Kransky :
coarse pork shoulder and four-year-old vintage cheese with bread, mustard, red cabbage and sauerkraut

: Polnische Hochzeit :
double smoked coarse pork and garlic sausage with bread, mustard, red cabbage and sauerkraut

gluten free bread available

mini + mains

Kleinspeisen : Mini Mains

: gemüsestrudel :
vegetable strudel filled with greens and ricotta served with relish and salad

: wurstteller : brettljause :
selection of meats, cheese and pickles
with bread

: gebackenes schwammerl mit ziegenkäse und kürbiskernöl :
roasted field mushroom
with spinach, goat’s cheese and pumpkinseed oil

Hauptspeisen : Mains

: Wiener Schnitzel :
veal, crumbed and pan-fried with potato salad and green salad

: Hühner Schnitzel :
chicken breast, crumbed and pan-fried with potato salad and green salad

: Ungarisches Rindsgulasch mit Semmelknödel :
traditional hungarian goulash with steamed bread dumpling

sandwiches, rolls

: Sandwiches, rolls and bagels :

: Kaiser Rolls :
smoked liverwurst with cranberry sauce
grilled leberkäse with gherkin

: Bagels :
tuna with spanish onion, lettuce, cucumber
smoked salmon with caper cream cheese, lettuce

: Sprout Bakery sandwiches fresh or toasted :
chicken schnitzel with swiss cheese, lettuce,
mayonnaise, cranberry sauce
roast pumpkin, spinach and garlic aioli
ham, sauerkraut, cheese and mustard


our current menu




Coffee Basics for your business? Perfect! Get in touch with our dedicated roastery team.

With our skilful hands and noses, we will work closely with you, offering an individualised service to create a tailored product that is perfect for you and your business. We are committed to building good old fashioned, long lasting coffee-fuelled relationships.


small batch

Artisan Roasted Coffee

Come visit the Coffee Basics Rösterei, where our three roasters are forever humming in the background. The shelves are full to the brim with coffee paraphernalia from days gone, music, books and an extensive range of gifts and brewing gadgets.

Select your favourite blend or the current featured single origin to take home, you can also bring in your jars, containers or wheelbarrows and we’ll fill them with a coffee of your choice.